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Hot Drinks Information

Ozone Coffee


We serve exceptional quality espresso based coffee, on a La Marzocco Linea PB (one of the finest Italian Espresso machines) to produce a full range of black and milk based drinks. 

Our milk comes from Northiam Dairy, based near Rye, who produce a milk designed specifically for coffee. 

We are proud to use Ozone Coffee Roasters and their flagship roasts

Empire Blend  

  • Espresso
  • Milk based coffee
  • 18g extracted for 26-30 seconds

Hodson Blend

  • Americanos
  • Ice Coffee
  • 17.5g extracted for 24-27 seconds

Decaf Blend

  • Dedicated decaf grinder
  • 18g extracted for 25-30 seconds

All of our baristas have undergone extensive training at Ozone Coffee in London and in-house with our head Barista who trained in Sydney, Melbourne and London.

Ozone Coffee Roasters London 

"Our flagship espresso blend has constantly evolved over the years but the goal has always stayed the same – pack as much sweetness, chocolate & caramel into an espresso as possible, along with the most, rich, smooth silky body achievable. The components change throughout the year in-line with the availability of fresh crop but we work hard to maintain the taste profile & quality in the cup – a trusty friend that we know we can count on time & again. The name EMPIRE originates from our hometown, New Plymouth – Empire is the name of the first café that offered this blend & we love the idea that ever since, many a successful new venture has put their faith in our trusty friend."

Northiam Dairy, Rye, East Sussex 

"Whole Milk for Baristas. We relish the challenge of providing good quality milk for our coffee shop customers. Several of us have received formal training from professional baristas, we froth test all milk daily using a La Marzocco Linea. We also work with professional baristas within the café community that test our milk regularly and give us feedback. We have been delighted to be invited to sponsor competitions on behalf of the SCAE
and look forward to working with them in the future."

Debonair Tea


We are very excited to have found and to be working with a world class tea producer based in Hythe, Debonair Tea Company. Louisa blends tea of exceptional quality, from a gutsy builders brew, an elegant Earl Grey, a range of sophisticated Darjeelings, Oolongs and Green Teas, to beautifully refreshing and colourful herbal and fruit infusions. Louisa has also proven her craft, knowledge and love of tea with formal tea sommelier accreditation – the first person to achieve this standard with the UK Tea Academy.

Debonair Tea Company, Hythe, Kent

"Debonair Tea Company is a family-run tea business set up by Kent couple, Phil and Louisa Johnson. Tired of seeing both good and poor quality tea served badly, we believed it was possible to source, create and serve high quality loose leaf tea without pretence and set upon our mission to make exceptional tea a daily pleasure."

West Coast Cocoa


We are pleased to be serving West Coast Cocoa as our hot chocolate. It is the finest cocoa that we have tasted, and combined with expertly steamed barista quality milk, produces a rich full bodied taste with a luxurious finish, we also offer the Dark Deluxe which is lower in sugar and produces a dark, intense but stunningly smooth hot chocolate.

West Coast Cocoa

"One of our core values is to act responsibly and with integrity so you can feel good about indulging in our cocoa and chai drinks. We’re committed to fair, ethical trade, so source our West African cocoa through the UTZ Certified Cocoa Programme. The UTZ programme is based on the principles of “a better price for a better product” and works closely with farmers to improve agricultural, social and environmental practices."