We are currently closed for Winter and will re-open in the Spring

Sample Food Menu (changes daily)

Breakfast Menu


 Bacon Sandwich

Brogdale dry cured bacon served on Independent Bakery bread


Add egg £1

Sausage in a roll

Brogdale Old Spot Sausages in a roll


BAT Sandwich

Bacon, avocado, tomato served in Dockers sourdough bread


Sardines on toast

Tinned Cornish Pilchards served on Dockers sourdough toast with marinated tomatos


Poached eggs on toast (v)

Free range eggs served on Dockers sourdough toast with grated Ashmore cheddar

2 eggs £4.50

1 egg £3

Add Bacon £2

Avocado on Toast

Docker's Sourdough Toast with fresh avacado, cherry tomato salsa, marinated onions, coriander and chilli flakes


Add Bacon £2

Homemade Baked Beans on Toast (v)

Docker's Sourdough Toast with homemade baked beans


Add Bacon £2

Dockers Sourdough Toast (v)

Served with Wooden Spoon marmalade or jam, peanut butter or Kent honey

2 slices £2.50

Kids 1 slice £1.50

Lunch Menu


All lunches served with seasonal salads

Sandwiches £6

'Barry' (V) – Pan fried Mayfield Swiss cheese with marinated tomatoes, onion and basil on Independent Bakery wholemeal bread

'Norman' - Ashmore Cheddar, Woodchurch Ham, Tomatoa, Onion, Basil and Mayo on Dockers Sourdough Baguette

'Salt Beed' w/ Gherkins, Onions and Horseradish on Dockers Sourdough

Sardines on Toast £6

Cornish Pilchards on Dockers Sourdough Toast served w/chilli flakes, lemon and house salads

Smoked Mackerel Pate on Toast £6

Locally produced smoked mackerel and horseradish pate served on sourdough toast w/ house salads

Childrens Menu

Kids Sandwich – Choice of cheese and/or tomato 


Humous Platter – Served with raw veg and toast